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"Corporate Control, Corn Commodities and Cell Control-

Crystallizing Arguments in Culture"


This will be a space for us to experiment with a wiki as a platform for writing, collaboration, group work and other activities. It may also help us reflect on how technologies constrain us in certain ways, opening up particular ways of composing, connecting, and managing text. This is a fairly robust wiki. You can't break anything, and everything you do can be rolled back if there's a problem. So feel free to experiment.


You are invited to use it share resources, draft materials, add links, think out loud, introduce yourself, etc. Consider it a work/drafting space/grafitti wall.


Course Materials


Revised Due Dates and Calendar

Unit 1: Corporate Control - Freakonomics 

Unit 2: Corn Commodities - Food Inc.

Unit 3: Cell Control - The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Unit 4: Presenting Rhetoric 


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